Ank!t Yadav

Hosting Master, SEO analyst and Web Lover
Proudly from India.

Well time to introduce myself a bit,
I am from Agra(India), I love to be a geek with my computer. I am lazy guy with some crazy friends all of us always stick around their computers doing things which we don't know if we can finish it but still we always looking for new challenges and interesting work (mostly related to websites and servers). I do have account with mostly all popular social networks but, I don't use them, i even forget how much social sites I've joined till now, i mostly uses twitter, Facebook and my forums. I am sure you definitely want to look on some profiles aren't you? Well TBH you won't find anything special on them as I am not social site freak. I hope you'll visit some of my websites including forums as well, if you want to contact me you are free to do so, I always love to talk with some new friends.

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